30 Days Clean (Feb 2020)

Mon, Jul 18th, 2022 12:00:00 am

I don’t believe in diets and I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I do believe in change, because if I didn’t, I’d still be lying depressed on my couch instead of out there, trying to make healthy decisions every day. And however you have to get there to make those changes that will impact your life in a positive way .. well, I’m all for that.

After an exhausting couple of years that included six 50k trail races and two road marathons, I was feeling pretty beat up and run down. And despite so many miles on my legs, I felt like I was a letting the “75/25 rule” get the better of me. It’s said that when it comes to being healthy, 25% comes from exercise and 75% is due to nutrition. In simpler terms, as my doctor told me, if you want to lose weight, you need to change your diet and if you want to maintain your weight, you work out.” And despite all the running I was doing, I had managed to gain 11 lbs in a year, so I was proving her right.

I decided to try a 30 day healthy eating cleanse for January. If you want to change your life, you’re not going to do it with “a” diet. Take that “a” out of that sentence, and we’re talking simply about “diet” which is a whole different animal. The two aren’t the same, they shouldn’t be confused, and they shouldn’t be used interchangeably. One defines a sliver of time in your life that won’t be sustainable and the other defines a lifetime. You get to choose which of those things helps you live your best life.

A “cleanse” sounds like “a diet” in theory. Because a cleanse isn’t something you’ll maintain for life, it’s easy to confuse the two. Making changes to your diet rather than “just” dieting is all about building new habits, not about changing them for a time before going back. The purpose of the cleanse was to identify my triggers and make some lifelong changes in my habits to carry into a healthier lifestyle. I figured I owed it to my body to give it good things after all of the things I’d demanded of it in recent years.

So what were the parameters of this 30 day cleanse?

  • I ate a vegan and gluten-free menu
  • I quit drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks
  • I quit drinking alcohol
  • I quit anything with inflammatory ingredients
  • I omitted added sugars from my diet
  • I drank more water
  • I used some supplements, including a concoction of greens, a digestive blend, and protein powder in smoothies.
  • I drank a detox tea daily with energy fizz sticks (more on those later.)

Here's what I gained from this experience:

  1. The first few days were rough. I’m not going to lie, if this is something you want to consider trying, you gotta make peace with the fact that you might not feel great at first. I was a 2+ cup of  coffee drinker a day and I had headaches and felt tired and achy at first. But this illustrated to me what all those things in my body where doing to me in the first place. I was happy to give them up if it meant I’d feel better in the end.
  2. After the first week, I started to feel better, but.. my skin broke out and my energy level decreased. Sexy, right? Well, my skin was detoxing too. And my body was still adjusting to all the changes I was making. It takes a lot of energy to change.
  3. I noticed my senses had heightened. I could smell EVERYTHING suddenly. I could smell what my family was making for dinner (not great stuff honestly) and none of the non-healthy food even looked good after that first week. I thought I had no will power before the cleanse, but it turns out, I just haadn’t been patient enough to wait for my body to adjust.
  4. I gained energy. After the initially slump, I started to perform better at the gym and running on the road.
  5. Alcohol didn’t taste good, food tasted different, and I got full much faster. If I ate anything off plan, in made me free sluggish and I’d be starving a few hours later.

This 30 Day plan was through Arbonne. If you’ve heard of Arbonne, you know it’s a network marketing company. Let’s address the elephant in the room .. There is a lot of misinformation about network marketing out there, and a big reason for that is there are a lot of people trying to “sell” people on it. I don’t want to be “that friend.” The friend who everyone avoids when they start their “side hussle.” The one who suddenly starts bombarding you with information, whether it’s good or not. I don’t want to be that person. I just want to pass on the info I’ve found to be helpful in my life with the hope that it’ll do the same for someone else. It’s why I’m in the business of health. As someone who was once overweight and came out on the other side, I really want people to know it’s possible to change your life. Arbonne is an extension of a healthy lifestyle for me. Just because it’s a network marketing company doesn’t mean the products are bad. They aren’t. It just means that there are a lot of people trying to ram products down our throats every day, and that really has nothing to do with the products themselves. As our world and careers change, there are more and more service-driven companies in the world. This means you get what you put in.  I’m not doing this to get rich. I’m doing this to give everyone a better chance to find success in a healthy lifestyle.

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